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With this effect you will turn your picture into a work similar to the famous Andy Warhol pop art. There are a few versions of how to achieve this result, but the reason why I like my technique is that after completing the first picture you can use it as a template for the other 3. For this tutorial I will use a picture of the model Mirna Merlo. Below you see the original and the final result.

Turn a picture into a poster Andy Warhol style - Photoshop Rockstar (1)

Turn a picture into a poster Andy Warhol style - Photoshop Rockstar (2)

Open the picture in Photoshop and rename it colors by double clicking on its name. Duplicate it by dragging it on the Create a new layer icon (alternatively, go to Layer - Duplicate layer). Make invisible the leyer colors by turning off its eye. Rename the new layer black and white. Now we want to turn the picture into black and white mignifying the contrast. To do that select the layer black and white, go to IMAGE - ADJUSTMENTS - BLACK AND WHITE.

Turn a picture into a poster Andy Warhol style - Photoshop Rockstar (3)

Photoshop automatically turns the picture into black and white, but for this technique it's better to have more contrast, so we play more with the colors. As this picture has a lot of red, yellow and green, these are the channels where the changes will be more visible and I play with. I leave untouched the other channels and click OK.

Turn a picture into a poster Andy Warhol style - Photoshop Rockstar (4)

Go to the Create a new layer icon and click it 10 times to create 10 new layers. Rename the layers as follows: Background Skin Skin shadow Skin light Lips Eyes Hair Hair2 Shirt Shirt2

Turn a picture into a poster Andy Warhol style - Photoshop Rockstar (5)

Select the Background layer and go to SELECT - COLOR RANGE. A Color Range window opens with a miniature of the picture. Click anywhere in that miniature with the cursor. The white parts will be selected, the blacks will not and the grey scale will make gradients. If you uncheck Localized Color Clusters you will have a solid tint, if you check it it will have a gradient. Change the value of Fuzziness to make more contrast between the background and the body. In this case I want the body almost (not all) black.

Turn a picture into a poster Andy Warhol style - Photoshop Rockstar (6)

Now the picture is selected. Go to the Layers panel, be sure the Background layer is selected and press the icon Add a layer mask. You notice that the selection on the picture disappears and a new thumbnail appears on the right of the background layer thumbnail. This is your mask and represents your selection. At the moment the mask is selected (it is in a rectangle). Select the Layer thumbnail by clicking on it. Now the rectangle is over it, and this means it is selected.

Turn a picture into a poster Andy Warhol style - Photoshop Rockstar (7)

Go on the Tools palette and click on the Set foreground color icon to select a color you like for the background. I chose yellow. Press the Paint bucket tool icon, then go to your image and click anywhere. As the layer background and its thumbnail are selected, the background turns into yellow.

Turn a picture into a poster Andy Warhol style - Photoshop Rockstar (8)

Turn invisible the background layer and select the black and white one. Go to SELECT - COLOR RANGE and select a part of the skin that has a neutral color. Play with the Fuzziness switch in order to have as much skin selected as possible, but keeping the background black. In this case I chose 93. Now your picture is selected. If you are not completely pleased with this selection, go to the Quick selectiontool to change the selection (for example to unselect the shirt and increase the skin selection). Be aware though that by playing with the Quick selection tool you will lose the gradient effect and the color will be solid, so try to do it as little as possible, especially when you add selection.

Turn a picture into a poster Andy Warhol style - Photoshop Rockstar (9)

Select the Skin layer, press again the icon Add vector mask, select the Skin thumbnail, chose a color from the Set foreground color icon, press the Paint bucket tool icon and click anywhere on the image. Now a good portion of the skin is colored, too. Don't bother if the result is not perfect. Check your progress so far by turning visible the background layer, then turn invisible all the layers but black and white. Now is a good time to save your progress. So go to FILE - SAVE AS. Select or make the folder that will contain your artwork, name your project popart and for the format chose Photoshop (*.PSD; .*PDD). Select again the Black and white layer, go to SELECT - COLOR RANGE and with the selector pick up a portion of the skin that is in shadow. Repeat what you did in the previous steps to color this layer using a different color. To color the next layer pick up a portion of the skin that is in the light, and in the next layer you will select the lips. Black is a color to use carefully with this effect, so I use it mostly for the eyes layer. Fill free to add or subtract layers if you think it works better with more or less colors. You can use also the same colors for more layers. When you finish leave visible the layer Colors or Black and white (see which one works better with your colors). This will close color gaps that you missed. At the end you should have something like this:

Turn a picture into a poster Andy Warhol style - Photoshop Rockstar (10)

Save your progress and save a copy of your work as a JPG. So go to FILE - SAVE AS. Find the folder that contains your artwork, name this picture popart1 and chose for the format JPEG (*.JPG; *.JPEG; *.JPE). Now is the time where this technique really shines, because you can use what you did until now as a template. Select the background layer, go to the Set foreground color icon and select the color you like for the background. Select the Paint bucket tool and click on the picture. The color of the background changed. Repeat this operation with all the layers, save it as a JPG naming it popart2 and do another 2 versions of this picture, so you will have 4 versions with different colors. Open a new document by going to FILE - NEW and chose the dimensions that will have the document that will hold your final artwork. I want a standard A4 sheet, so on Presets I select International paper. Click OK. Import the 4 JPEGs you created by going on FILE - OPEN. Find your files and by pressing SHIFT on your keyboard select the first and the last one of them, then click OPEN. Each file will open in a new document. You will see each of them by selecting its lable. Go to the file popart1 and select the Move tool in the tools palette. Click on it and drag it on the layer of the new document. When the page changes continue dragging it where you want to leave it on the page, then release it. A new layer called Layer 1 is automatically created. Do the same with the other pictures.

Turn a picture into a poster Andy Warhol style - Photoshop Rockstar (11)

Once you have all the 4 pictures in the same document combine them in an order you like. With the Move tool selected select the layer of the picture you want to move, then click on the picture and drag it until you are fine with it. Most likely your pictures will be too big for your document, so you need to resize them keeping the same proportion between one another. Select all the 4 layers containing the pictures, go to EDIT - TRANSFORM - SCALE.

Turn a picture into a poster Andy Warhol style - Photoshop Rockstar (12)

A grid appears around your 4 pictures. Go with your mouse over a corner. The cursor changes shape and you are able to resize all the pictures at the same time. By pressing the SHIFT key on your keyboard while you drag the mouse you will keep the size proportionate to the original. Use the arrows on your keyboard to place the pictures where you like. Remember that all the pictures are selected at the moment, so you can't control them individually. When you finish select again the Move tool. That means you are ready to leave the Scale option. A message pops up giving you 3 options. Select APPLY if you are happy with the changes, CANCEL if you want to continue scaling your pictures or DON'T APPLY if you want to go back without applying the SCALE effect. Save the file as a JPEG. Done! You can download the PSD file for this tutorial here

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How do you make a picture look like Andy Warhol in Photoshop? ›

Here's how to make a Warhol pop effect in Photoshop.
  1. Open your image in Photoshop. Name this layer “Background.”
  2. Separate your subject. ...
  3. Add color fill to your background. ...
  4. Remove detail from the subject. ...
  5. Prepare for color. ...
  6. Add color. ...
  7. Finish with Blend.

How do you make a black and white picture pop art? ›

How to Go From Photo to Pop Art
  1. Upload Your Photo. Open your image in BeFunky's Photo Editor.
  2. Choose Your Effect. Navigate to the Effects section and choose your effect from either the Pop Art or Digital Art category.
  3. Customize It. Change the Amount and edit any other aspects of your pop art photo.
  4. Save It!

Is there a pop art filter on Photoshop? ›

The pop art effect requires us to convert our photo into a two-tone image. With 'layer 1' selected, go to Image > Adjustments > Threshold. This will open a pop-up window showing a histogram of your picture. Use the slider to choose the level of brightness to expose the image properly.

What app makes Andy Warhol pictures? ›

This Android app will automatically transform your pictures into the iconic pop art style of Andy Warhol's 'Marilyn' paintings. Simply capture a new photo or open an existing photo and this app will generate a beautiful 2×2 Andy Warhol style image in multiple colors!

What app converts photos to pop art? ›

'Pop Art Lite' transforms photos into high resolution Pop Art posters and saves them back to your device, emails or shares them.

How do I make a color pop in black and white in Photoshop? ›

How to make one color stand out.
  1. Duplicate the layer. Open your desired photo in Photoshop and duplicate the layer. ...
  2. Desaturate your original layer. This means you'll turn your original layer into a grayscale image. ...
  3. Choose your accent color. Switch to your duplicate layer now. ...
  4. Invert your selection.

What do artists use to make pop art? ›

Common techniques included printing, silkscreening, collage, mixed media, and the use of Ben Day Dots. Pop Art Artists also favored bold colors, often used on images that were isolated from the background or taken out of context.

What is Andy Warhol's art style? ›

How do you make a picture look like a vintage poster? ›

How to Make a Photo Look Vintage?
  1. Open your browser and go to Fotor.
  2. Click the “Edit a Photo” box and import your photo.
  3. Select the “Effect” option on the top left.
  4. Find out the “Vintage” effect from the list.
  5. Choose one “Vintage” effect you like, adjust the intensity, then apply it.

How do I make an image pop and color in Photoshop? ›

In the Properties panel, drag the Vibrance slider to the right to about +80. This increases the intensity of the colors that need it most, without oversaturating the skin tones. Click the Eye icon on the Vibrance adjustment layer to hide this adjustment so you can try some Hue/Saturation adjustments instead.

What type of screen printing did Andy Warhol use? ›

Andy Warhol turned to his most notable style—photographic silkscreen printing—in 1962. This commercial process allowed him to easily reproduce the images that he appropriated from popular culture.

How do I turn an image into an illustration? ›

Unleash your inner artiste in just a few clicks.
  1. Open your image in PicMonkey.
  2. Apply the Edge Sketch effect.
  3. Add an artistic touch with Posterize.
  4. Adjust Exposure and Colors for a polished look.
  5. Download, upload, and share for all to see. Voila!
Apr 8, 2022

How do I turn a photo into a digital illustration? ›

How to Create Digital Art Drawings?
  1. Click the "Go Art Now" and upload your image.
  2. Find "AI Art" in the left tool menu and select "GoArt" to the digital art painting effect page. ...
  3. Apply the style to your image and then automatically make your image into an art effect.
  4. Download your AI artwork and share.

What app is everyone using to make themselves into art? ›

The Lensa app uses artificial intelligence to turn selfies into different styles of artwork like anime and pop art.

How to make Andy Warhol pop art in PicsArt? ›

Simply upload the image that you want to transform, open the Effects tab in the Editor, and browse through the different pop art effects to experiment and find one you love.

What is Andy Warhol self portrait called? ›

Self-Portrait is an acrylic paint and screenprint work on canvas by the American artist Andy Warhol. It is a large portrait of Warhol and employs an arresting colour scheme in which the artist's vivid red head floats against an empty black background.

What app turns paper art into digital art? ›

Picsart's AI-powered SketchAI app turns images and outlines into digital art.

What is the new app that makes you into art? ›

WOMBO Dream - AI Art Generator is an art station for you. You can turn text into any image or photo you want. It's like magic: simply type in whatever you want Dream to paint - such as “Alien Space Station” or “Rainbow Forest” - pick a style (Realistic, VFX, Anime, Avatar, Street Art etc.) and hit create!

What is it called when a picture is black and white with one color? ›

The definition of monochrome is an image displaying a single colour or different shades of a single color. Monochrome photography is photography in which the entire image is recorded and represented by differing amounts of light instead of different hues.

How do I make an image look vintage black and white in Photoshop? ›

Create a vintage look with black-and-white photos in Photoshop.
  1. Make the photo black and white. First, translate the photo into black and white using a Black & White Image Adjustment layer. ...
  2. Adjust the brightness and contrast. ...
  3. Apply a photo filter. ...
  4. Layer in some noise. ...
  5. Create a vignette. ...
  6. Add the finishing touches.

How do I make a black and white image stunning in Photoshop? ›

To create black and white images in Photoshop, you need control over your light and dark levels. Follow these simple steps: Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Black & White will allow you to adjust the light level of the colors that make up your image. Here you can strip out all but the gray tones.

What is the pop art style called? ›

Neo Dadaism in Pop art focused on the use of found or known objects in artwork. This style broke down barriers between art and the everyday. This style was employed by artists such as Jasper Johns, who made paintings depicting “things the mind already knows,” such as flags or numbers.

What is the best medium for Pop Art? ›

Printmaking and silkscreen are considered the most popular pop art techniques used in their era, adopted by renowned artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. The printmaking technique is exactly what it sounds like — printing artworks on a piece of paper or other canvas.

What puts the Pop in Pop Art? ›

The Pop in Pop Art stands for popular, and that word was at the root of the fine arts movement. The main goal of Pop Art was the representation of the everyday elements of mass culture. As a result, celebrities, cartoons, comic book characters, and bold primary colors all featured prominently in Pop Art.

What is Pop Art in graphic design? ›

Pop Art design is a fine art movement that reigned in the mid 1950s and 60s that largely focused on representations of popular, American pop culture iconography.

What was Andy Warhol aesthetic? ›

Warhol went on to become an illustrator for Glamour magazine, which placed him as a leading figure in the 1950s Pop Art movement. His aesthetic was a unique convergence of fine art mediums such as photography and drawing with highly commercialized components revolving around household brand and celebrity names.

What type of lines did Andy Warhol use? ›

Blotted line enabled Warhol to create a variety of illustrations along a similar theme. This type of production allowed him to bring multiple ideas to clients to increase the odds that one of his drawings would be chosen for the final advertisement. Blotted line combines drawing with basic printmaking.

What mediums does Andy Warhol use? ›

Printmaking, and in particular screenprint, was the basic medium for Andy Warhol's celebrated work on canvas and paper. While a prize-winning commercial artist in the 1950s, he devised a printing process of blotting outline drawings in ink from one surface to another.

How do you make digital art look like prints? ›

How to Make Prints of Digital Art
  1. #1 Adjust the resolution of your digital art.
  2. #2 Adjust the color of your artwork.
  3. #3 Utilize additional plug-ins if you are working on larger artworks.
  4. #4 Brighten the colors of your digital art by increasing its contrast.
  5. #5 Enhance the sharpness of your artwork on Photoshop.

How do I turn a photo into graphic art? ›

Unleash your inner artiste in just a few clicks.
  1. Open your image in PicMonkey.
  2. Apply the Edge Sketch effect.
  3. Add an artistic touch with Posterize.
  4. Adjust Exposure and Colors for a polished look.
  5. Download, upload, and share for all to see. Voila!
Apr 8, 2022

What is Andy Warhol painting called? ›

In these works Warhol blatantly presented the idea of art-as-money. The artworks that Warhol is perhaps best known for are his Campbell's soup can paintings.

What art media did Andy Warhol use? ›


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